RECSEA-PGR is the Regional Co-operation in Southeast Asia for Plant Genetic Resources set up in December 1993. Membership in the RECSEA-PGR is open to countries in Southeast Asia. Countries involved are Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar and Lao PDR


An effective network to protect and harness the Plant Genetic Resources diversity in SEA for food, nutrition and health securities, poverty reduction and sustainable environment protection


To promote and enhance the sustainable conservation and utilisation of the region's plant genetic resources (PGR) through collaborative activities that are of mutual benefit to member countries.

Guiding Principles

  • We recognize that geographical distribution of PGR goes beyond national boundaries and therefore collaboration among member countries on plant genetic resources and their utilization for the well-being of the region and humankind is essential.
  • Strong National Committees are essential for sustainable management of PGR.
  • The Network will operate consistent with each country's legislations and commitment to International Agreements related to PGR.


  • To build and enhance national research capacity of member countries through collaboration in and support to existing and new activities related to database development and sharing, exchange of experts and policy
  • To identify the training needs of member countries and implement a program to train current and future PGR researchers
  • To use information technology to support the network in communication, locating /mapping diversity and public awareness
  • To develop and share strategies and technologies for valuing collections, rationalizing collections and utilizations of important germplasm.

  • To develop effective protocols for complementary conservation including in situ and ex situ conservation, e.g. cryopreservation and disseminate them to member countries

  • To develop and implement a resource mobilization strategy in support of RECSEA-PGR

  • To establish effective linkages with Regional and International organizations, to generate institutional support to RECSEA-PGR